Weekly Specials

Combo Deal

Combo Deal: Choose: bag of chips or fries (straight, curly or sweet potato)
& a Water or Soda. Salad comes with drink option only.

Sandwich/Wrap $6.99 Hero $8.99 Panini $8.99tx unless otherwise noted

MONDAY - September 28

Special 1- Jerk Chicken Sandwich: Grilled Jerk Chicken, Sweet & Hot Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Melted Chipotle Gouda Cheese $6.99tx
Special 2- Arugula Grilled Chicken Wrap: Grilled Chicken with Arugula, Avocado, Cherry Peppers & Chipotle Mayo $6.99tx
Special 3- Philly Cheese Steak Burger: 100% Premium Angus Beef with a Touch of Philly Cheese Steak, Peppers & Onions $8.99tx

Soup: Chicken & Rice
Sm $3.99tx Lg $6.99tx

Hot Lunch:
Roasted Chicken $7.99tx
Baked Salmon $8.99tx
Sausage & Peppers $7.99tx
Shrimp Fajitas $8.99tx
Sides: Spanish Rice, Vegetables, Corn

TUESDAY - September 29

Special 1- Turkey Reuben: Turkey, Sauerkraut, Melted Swiss, Russian Dressing on Multi Grain Toast $6.99tx
Special 2- Focaccia Sandwich: No Salt Turkey, Chipotle Gouda, Roasted Red Peppers, Chipotle Mayo made on Panini Press $7.99tx
Special 3- Mixed Meat Panini: Grilled Red Pastrami, Salsalito Turkey, Melted Lacey Swiss, Mushrooms & Teriyaki Sauce $8.99tx

Soup: Beef Chili
Sm $5.99tx Lg $10.99tx

Hot Lunch:
Chicken Francaise $7.99tx
Pork Ribs $7.99tx
Beef Curry $7.99tx
Cheese Ravioli $7.99tx
Sides: Roasted Potatoes, Veggie Rice, Broccoli

WEDNESDAY - September 30

Special 1- Roast Beef Sandwich: Roast Beef, American Cheese, Lettuce, Salt & Pepper on a Portuguese Roll $6.99tx
Special 2- CBR: Chicken Cutlet, Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon, Pepper Jack & Ranch Dressing $6.99tx
Special 3- Lamb Gyro: Lamb Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Tzatziki Sauce on Pita Bread $7.99tx

Soup: Lentil
Sm $3.99tx Lg $6.99tx

Hot Lunch:
Chicken Marsala $7.99tx
Pesto Salmon $8.99tx
Pork Chops $7.99tx
Jerk Roasted Shrimp $8.99tx
Sides: Garlic Mashed Potatoes, String Beans, Yellow Rice

THURSDAY - October 1

Special 1- Mexi-Mex: Fried Chicken Cutlet, Chorizo, Fresh Mozzarella, Pico de Gallo, Avocado & Chipotle Mayo $6.99tx
Special 2- Skirt Steak or Chorizo Tacos: With Chopped Cilantro, Onion & Avocado Salsa. Comes with Rice & Beans. $7.99tx
Special 3- Mexicano Burger: 100% Premium Angus Beef, Bacon, Colby Pepper Jack, Jalapenos, Avocado, Tomato & Onions $7.99tx

Soup: Chicken Chili
Sm $5.99tx Lg $10.99tx

Hot Lunch:
Alitas Asadas $7.99tx
Lomo Saltado (Beef) $7.99tx
Garlic Shrimp $8.99tx
Pollo Borracho (Chicken) $7.99tx
Sides: Rice & Beans, Guacamole

FRIDAY - October 2

Special 1- Grilled Chicken Special: Grilled Chicken, Tomatoes, Avocado, Onions & Mayo $6.99tx
Special 2- Ranchero Wrap: Chicken Tenders, Melted Cheddar, Mixed Greens, Tomato, Ranch & Hot Sauce $6.99tx
Special 3- Buffalo Chicken Panini: Sliced Buffalo Chicken, Pepper Jack, Bacon & Buffalo Sauce $8.99tx

Soup: Manhattan Clam Chowder
Sm $4.99tx Lg $8.99tx

Hot Lunch:
Chicken Lola $7.99tx
Been & Onions $7.99tx
Blackened Salmon $8.99tx
Beef Fajitas $8.99tx
Sides: Spanish Rice, Mashed Potatoes, String Beans